Active 20-30 National Midterm Convention
February 10-12, 2017. 
Sponsored by Petaluma #30

Active 20-30 Petaluma #30 is excited to host the 2017 National Midterm Convention in beautiful Petaluma, California!

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Hotel Petaluma
205 Kentucky Street | Petaluma, CA 94952
P: (707) 559-3393 |
Room Rates:
Queen Petite $130
Standard Queen $140
Double Queen $150
Standard King $160

Historic Hotel Petaluma is a boutique hotel just 35 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco. It is the ultimate location for exploring downtown Petaluma and California wine country. Hotel Petaluma mixes history with modern style and comfort. Built in 1923, original architectural elements and details are still found throughout the hotel. Undergoing a major revitalization and remodel, the property now features a grand lobby with fireplace lounge, courtyard entrance, event spaces, Barber Cellars wine tasting room and The Shuckery restaurant. 



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$80 per registrant Before December 16, 2016

After December 16, 2016 $95.00

Please note if you are not a current Active member or have a username and password, enter your email in as a "new user" on the registration form.


From your Convention Hosts: 

It is hard to believe we are just a few days away from our National Midterm Convention! Thank you to all of those who have registered already.  If you haven't registered yet, not to worry, while the Hotel has released the rest of the rooms to the general public.

Also, to go along with our charity event at the Petaluma Art Center, we are also aiming to help one of our local charities:

The Petaluma Active 20-30 Club is building a mini-library at the COTS Family Emergency Shelter. We are looking to build a good selection of books to promote reading and encourage parents to read with their kids. The goal is to get books suitable for all ages including teenagers. Each year the club will monitor the library and refresh the stock of books.   
Ways to help:   
  • Purchase a new book from Copperfields Book Store (140 Kentucky St. - ½ block walk from Hotel Petaluma where convention is located)
**Copperfields is partnering with the Petaluma Active 20-30 Club has set up a special table that has books that have been discounted 30% during the weekend of the Midterm Convention. Please visit the store and purchase a book to donate!   
  • Bring a book or books with you to the Convention and place it in the donation box near the registration table.
  • Donate cash at the convention.
Midterm Convention Agenda:     
Friday: Check in from 4PM to 9PM; organized downtown bar scavenger hunt (meeting at Mario & John's Bar at 8pm) - 428 E D St, Petaluma, CA 94952    
8AM - 12PM General Registration - Hotel Petaluma - 205 Kentucky Street, Petaluma, CA    
9AM - 12PM Business Meeting - Hotel Petaluma - 205 Kentucky Street, Petaluma, CA    
12PM - 1PM Lunch Provided - El Roy's Tacos - Hotel Petaluma - 205 Kentucky Street, Petaluma, CA    
1PM - 3PM Local Charity Project    
3:30PM - 5:30PM Local Beer & Cheese Tasting   
7PM - 9PM Catered Dinner (Mardi Gras Theme) - Hotel Petaluma - 205 Kentucky Street, Petaluma, CA    
9PM - 1:30AM Game Room (Hotel Petaluma)/Bars Downtown Petaluma
Sunday: Two-hand touch football 10AM - Location to Be Announced    

Hotel Information: Hotel Petaluma - 205 Kentucky Street Petaluma, CA
The hotel has released the rooms to the general public.  Contact Shannon Kremer at Hotel Petaluma at 707-559-3393 to check availability, or you can always stay somewhere else and commute over for the festivities.
Dining: Friday Night and Sunday Morning will be self-pay and there are many options in Downtown Petaluma. Saturday Lunch will be provided (Taco Bar by El Roy's) immediately following the Business Meeting, and Saturday Dinner is also provided in the Hotel Ballroom. If anyone wishes to eat breakfast prior to the business meeting you are on your own as well.
Airport Transportation: Self-pay - Airport Express ( runs from SFO, OAK or STS (Santa Rosa) to downtown Petaluma, members of our club will be available to shuttle registrants from the shuttle drop-off to the hotel. If anyone is flying into the Santa Rosa airport, they are encouraged to contact members of #50, #1029 and/or #205 for transport (if you need contact info for a ride from that direction, let me know and I can look into getting it set up for you).
The hotel allows us to provide our own alcohol for the meeting/dinner, which we will include in the registration cost. This does mean you are free to BYOB as well.
On the Saturday night we're going to have the hotel ballroom converted to a casual drinking game/OK-if-you-don't-want-to-drink game room for the duration of the evening with games such as Cornhole, Dominoes, 1-4-24, Balderdash, Jenga and more. You are welcome to bring your own games as well or teach people a new drinking game.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Petaluma Convention Chair, Greg Carl at [email protected]. Hope to see you out here this weekend!


2017 Midterm Registrants 

First Name Last Name Nickname Cub Name and Number
Linda Abdelbaki   Greater Sacramento #1032 
Diana Andersen   Feather River Valley #669
Chadwick Anderson   Petaluma #30
Stacie  Anderson   Greater Sacramento #1032
Rachel Anderson   Sebastopol #63
Lisa Andrews    
Michael Arntz    
Andy Bain   Santa Rosa #50
Jason Balatti    
Alex Balfour   Bakersfield #27
Tim Banks   Bakersfield #27
Sebastien Bauge Sebby Bakersfield #27
Kimberly Belmonte    
Garry Beverlin Beverlin Santa Evening #662
Patrick  Birchfield Pretty Boy  Bakersfield #27
Denise Blabon   Redwood Empire #1029
Alli Britton Rally Sebastopol #63 
Shane Bryan    
Cody Burkhauser   Carson Valley #85
Christy Calverley Miss International Redwood Empire #1029
Greg Carl Greg Carl Petaluma #30 
Geoffrey Cheung My Friend  Healdsburg #205
David Chez Chino Santo Domingo
Ashley Corbett    Valley of the Sun #1028
Juliaray Corbin Jay Redding #143
Kassy Daft Hot Mess Healdsburg #205/Past Active Greater Sacramento #1032
Tiffany deAlba   Feather River Valley #669
Brian Dean    
Christos Desalernos    Petaluma #30
Rachel Droesch    Healdsburg #205
Ryan Drury Ryan Sacramento #1
Libby DuFresne Milkshake Redwood Empire #1029
Brandon Durbin Brandon Durbin Petaluma #30
Benjamin Dykstra Dr. Blue  Redding #143
Corey Eames FunSize Santa Rosa #50
Steve Easterby   Bakersfield #27 
Liz Edgington   Chico #100
Vance  Elmore  Vance Elmore   Bakersfield #27
Eleah Ervin Eleah Ervin Redding #143 
Renea Eure   Petaluma #30
Susan Fleischer Sue Greater Sacramento #1032
Jill Glover   Petaluma #30
Jason Goklaney    Bakersfield #27
Brian Goodman   Petaluma #30 
Matthew Gray Rookie North Bay #656 
Hilary Grider Hilary Grider Greater Sacramento #1032 
Natalie Griffin    Napa #57
Sara Grumley   Sebastopol #63
Ryan Gunn    Bakersfield #27 
Roger Hebert   Santa Rosa #50
Aleesah Herup   Greater Sacramento #1032
Heather Hunter   Greater Sacramento #1032 
Wayne Ingraham Milkshakes!!! Santa Rosa #50
Amber Jewison Midnight Mermaid Member at Large
Brian Jones   Eugene #920 
Casey Kelly   Petaluma #30 
Mike Kingsley    
Samantha Klein Speedbump Redding #143
Lisa Kowalewski Dory Redding #143
Brittany Kremer Britt  Valley of the Sun #1028
Abbey Kronenberg     Valley of the Sun #1028
Allison Kunz   Feather River Valley #669
Jeneba Lahai Yogi Folsom #77
Matthew Larrabure   Petaluma #30
Kate Larrabure   Petaluma #30
Ben Lehr   Santa Rosa #50 
Natasha Leonard Bloodsport Sierra Nevada
Sarah Long    
Brenda Lusk   Greater Sacramento #1032
Andrew MacDonald   Sacramento #1
Clint Manalili   Vallejo #79
Kim Marcelli   Greater Sacramento #1032 
Rachel Mason   Chico #100
Jaci McAleer  Jaci McAleer Greater Sacramento #1032 
Meghan McClelland   Petaluma #30
Liesl McLean Chug Eugene #920
Meghan McMahon   Eugene #920
Morgan Merrill   Greater Sacramento #1032 
Cassie Middleton   Redding #143
Cameron Middleton   Redding #143
Shannan Mills   Eugene #920 
Nathan Mischel NO FEAR  Eugene #920
Ian Muskar   Sebastopol #63
Brent Newby   Bakersfield #27
Kyle Nuss   Santa Rosa #50
Bryan Oberg   Bakersfield #27
Jeff Okrepkie Jefe Santa Rosa #50
Stephanie Pavlos Stephanie Pavlos Petaluma #30 
Alison Pierce   Greater Sacramento #1032
Melissa Planas   Greater Sacramento #1032
Timothy Provost Timber Carson Valley #85
Christian Reyes #CHR1S San Jos#532, CR
Erica Rocha   Chico #100 
Melissa Rose    
Justin Rose    
Michelle Saunders    
Erik Sahau    
Carrie Schroeder   Feather River Valley #669
Michael Shively Mr. Delicious Fort Wayne #700 
Gunnar Sippola Slappy McFoolio Auburn #19 
Valentin Solis   Washington D.C. 
Melissa Sparks Missy Greater Sacramento #1032
Michele Spilman One L Greater Sacramento #1032 
Robert Steck #loverboy Eugene #920 
Alycia Thibadeau Mother Flocker Portland #122 
Charles Thompson    Eugene #920
Tom Thompson    
Monica Uriarte   San Francisco #4
Lauren Vale   Sebastopol #63
Dana von Sternberg   Sebastopol #63 
Loni Waltasti    Eugene #920
Jason Wehde    
Lawana Welch   Greater Sacramento #1032
Greg White    
Tyler Wilcox    Sebastopol #63
Katia Wolfe    Sebastopol #63
Tyson Woodard   Eugene #920 
Heather Wulfert   Greater Sacramento #1032 
Wunderlich Lisa   Napa #57
Zack Zion   Napa #57


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