One Never Stands So Tall As When Kneeling to Help A Child

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Active 20-30 United States & Canada

Who We Are

Active 20-30 US & Canada is a National service organization, made up of men and women in their 20's and 30's who have a passion for improving the lives of children in their communities. These emerging leaders serve local kids through hands-on work and fundraising.

Active 20-30 has a rich history of serving our communities and developing leaders in our local communities. It began by realizing a need that wasn't being served by existing service organizations. It has evolved with our members and with the times, creating some fun-filled traditions along the way.

Active 20-30 National Convention in Tucson, AZ

National Convention

Come join Active 20-30 Club #82 in the beautiful city of Tucson (affectionately known for its fun desert spirit as"The Dirty-T") for "Summer Camp in the Sun" in the stunning Sonoran Desert.  The convention kicks off on Thursday, June 24th at 3pm, has a hands-on event to volunteer for children, and wraps up with a fabulous gala dinner on Saturday evening.  We look forward to hosting you and making some incredible memories at the Westin La Paloma in sunny, friendly Tucson, Arizona!


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Active 20-30 US & Canada provides young adults with an opportunity for personal growth, friendships and leadership development while improving the quality of life for the special needs of children in their community.

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