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One Never Stands So Tall As When Kneeling to Help A Child

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Charter a Club

Since Active 20-30 focuses on helping children in our local communities, it's increasingly important that we have a local presence in as many cities as possible. We welcome Young Professional organizations who want to assume the Active 20-30 brand and become part of our network. We'll also work with individuals who would like to build a club from the ground up.

A petition to charter may be filed with the National Association if:

  1. You are passionate about helping children;
  2. You are willing to develop your leadership skills and those of your club members;
  3. You are willing to make new friends and have a lot of fun while helping the underserved children in your community.
  4. There is not an active club serving your immediate community; and
  5. You are willing to be the temporary chairperson or part of the formation committee for this club.

If you're interested in learning more about bringing Active 20-30 to your city, email us at

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