One Never Stands So Tall As When Kneeling to Help A Child

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Support Our Cause!!

The Active 20-30 Club US & Canada develops leaders and serves the needs of children in nearly 30 clubs coast-to-coast. Each chapter or club is locally run by a volunteer board of directors and members focused on serving the unique needs of their local communities.

Every club has its own particular focus, whether it's fundraising or community service, each has a common goal to improve the quality of life for the youth of the community.

It's not all "business" in Active 20-30, though. Our members also like to have fun and build friendships across the organization. This is why social and networking events play a large part in making Active 20-30 US & Canada the service organization for young professionals.

In addition to local events organized by each individual club, the National Board of Directors coordinates regional and national events including regional gatherings, national midterm meetings and the annual national convention. Members are strongly encouraged to support the members and activities of the other clubs in their own region.

If you would like to sponsor a child in your local community for back to school supplies, and / or help shop, please find a club close to you or send an email to

Clubs may also participate in the National project during the holiday times by shopping with children in-need for winter clothes and to top off their school supplies.

International Projects !!

Active 20-30 US & Canada is active when we travel Internationally to visit other associations. Operation Happy Kid was created to bring a smile to a child's face through small gestures. When traveling abroad, members are encouraged to pack extra children's books, clothes and small toys in their luggage, then share them with the children they meet.

Active 20-30 has also partnered with our counterparts - Round Table, Apex and Ladies Circle in Europe, Asia and Africa - to build a the Mercy School in Kenya. It's proved to be a cherished source of education to the children, as well as the community's safe haven in a time of war.


Since Active 20-30 focuses on helping children in our local communities, it's increasingly important that we have a local presence in as many cities as possible. We welcome Young Professional organizations who want to assume the Active 20-30 brand and become part of our network. We'll also work with individuals who would like to build a club from the ground up.

A petition to charter may be filed with the National Association if:

You are passionate about helping children;

You are willing to develop your leadership skills and those of your club members;

You are willing to make new friends and have a lot of fun while helping the needy children in your  community.

There is not an active club serving your immediate community; and

You are willing to be the temporary chairperson or part of the formation committee for this club.

If you're interested in learning more about bringing Active 20-30 to your city, email us at

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