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One Never Stands So Tall As When Kneeling to Help A Child

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2024 awards packet: The 2024 National Awards packet will be distributed to Club Presidents and Secretaries by the end of February 2024. It will also be posted to this page. 

Awards History: Click here to view the past award recipient list.
If you find an error or know of a recipient not listed, please use the comment feature to help us update the list. Please be sure to leave your name and phone number so the Awards Committee can follow up with you directly.

We need awards judges for 2024! If you are interested in judging awards, please email

New this year:

  • Visitations
    Upon listening to Past Actives reminisce about their cherished memories, a prevailing theme emerged – the profound impact of inter-club interactions. The act of visiting other clubs and fostering connections has proven to be a cornerstone of our 20-30 community. To celebrate and fortify this tradition of visitation, we intend to acknowledge and honor those individuals who have actively participated, whether virtually or in person, in visiting other clubs during meetings, socials, and events.
      If you have been visiting other clubs virtually or in person, please submit this form for each visitation completed. This is for individual recognition, not club level.

  • Individual vs Club awards
    Individual awards such as President of the Year, Member of the Year, Speech Contest Winner will now receive an award rather than a patch. Since the award is based on individual merits, we would like the recipient to be able to easily display their award at home or in office.  The patches will remain for club awards such as Fundraiser of the Year, Club of the Year, etc. for clubs to add to their banners. Pricing for the award is inline with the patch costs and will not affect the budget.

  • Alignment with the International packet
    Our organization is enhancing its engagement on the international stage by incorporating submissions for international awards that have previously not submitted for. These award submissions will undergo evaluation by our national awards judges, and the most outstanding entries will subsequently be put forth for consideration at the international level. It's important to note that, at present, these awards will not be conferred at the national level. 

  • Club of the year
    In light of the comparable sizes of our clubs, we have streamlined our categories, merging small and large into a singular Club of the Year. This adjustment maintains the competitive spirit with distinct recognition for the 1st place and runner-up positions.

  • Awards that receive a single submission
    To uphold the integrity of an award, a singular submission is required to meet or surpass a specified point threshold in the evaluation rubric for eligibility. If the designated threshold is not attained, the award will not be conferred in the respective year. This adjustment ensures that singular submissions will no longer be guaranteed automatic recognition.

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